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St. Louis, MO
I graduated from the U in January and started working immediately. Of course, last one hired first one fired. I had been spending every cent I was making and started putting a lot on credit cards. All of a sudden I had more in interest than I had spent and panicked. My parents were furious and couldn't help me. No bank would give me a proper loan because I really had no credit or work history. Braidwood Capital has changed my life. They gave me payments I could afford, an understanding of where I went wrong, and just a feeling of relief. I couldn't have done it without Braidwood Capital.
Tallahassee, FL
Life could not have become more complicated. I was dealing with unemployment insurance, heavy medical bills, and high interest rates. I didn't know which end was up or what I was supposed to pay first. All I knew was that my FICO was tanking and I was out of ideas. When I got the offer from Braidwood Capital it was a gift. They listened to me, understood what I needed, and didn't judge. They just helped. Thank you, Braidwood Capital.